My First Job Experience

First job, first road of work life,

Full of ups and downs, filled with enriching experiences,

Time flies but sometimes it felt like time was running fast and sometimes slow. Continue reading “My First Job Experience”



Happiness is the last destination of everyone’s journey but we have a false notion of happiness!

Happiness is not gained by achieving some set standards in life,

But every little incident that brings a smile on our faces is happiness.


Happiness unravels itself in the journey of a would-be mother,

It is in the laughs of a baby,

It is the love that binds two siblings,

It is the satisfaction in eating grandmother’s hand made food,

It is the child’s secret giggle while parents get scolded by grandparents in the child’s favor. Continue reading “BEING HAPPY IN LIFE”

Scotland Trip in December 2016

Scotland is one of the most beautiful and coldest countries in the world. I had a chance recently to go to this country. I was travelling to Scotland for the first time and also my first international one. Here is a poem that will take you through my trip and some incredible images that will make you wish to visit the natural beauty. Also, below are some travel tips for anyone planning to visit the country. Continue reading “Scotland Trip in December 2016”


Life is beautiful,

Life is a play being enacted,

So live life fully and let others live.

Life is an orphan child,

If you didn’t have the Almighty’s blessings,

So pray with sincerity.

Life has two pillars to support,

And a ground to stand on,

Pillars are friends and teachers and floor is our family. Continue reading “POEM ON LIFE LESSONS”

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