The Remembrance

The story up until now:

Chapter 1 – After Vacation Break

Chapter 2 – The New Couple

Chapter 3 – A Blast from the Past

Chapter 4: Deja Vu

Avi – Let’s play a game. What say?

Sid – I am not playing any of your stupid games.

Avi snaps – My game is not stupid!

Sunaina- Sid come on, we should play a game otherwise this trip to your hometown will be very boring.

Sid – Ok. Fine!

Avi – Neha, you are playing right?

Neha, looking outside the window responds– “Yes”.

Sunaina – Avi, so what’s the game you are suggesting?

Avi – Word game. I will say a word and then starting with the last letter of my word, Sid will say the next word and so on. No repeated words.

Sid saying clumsily – I don’t want to play it, I don’t like this game.

Sunaina – What is wrong with this game? What do you want to play if not this one?

Sid – Dumb charades game!

Avi – I think you have forgotten that you are driving so you can neither enact any movie nor guess it. You know what you are the one who gives senseless options. We are playing word game and that’s final, right girls.

Sunaina and Neha in unison – Yeah!

Avi – Me, Sid, Sunaina and Neha, that’s the order. So here we start, ‘Girlfriend’.

Sid – Death

Sunaina – Health

Neha – Homeless

Avi – Sad     

Sid – Desires

Sunaina – Social

Neha – Love

Avi – Example

remembrance of a loved one
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Silence fills the car while everyone is waiting for Sid to say the next word.

Avi – How much time you need to say it?

Sid rudely retorts – Can’t think of anything.

Sunaina – Arre! What happened to your mood?

Sid – This is a bullshit game. I don’t want to play it. Let me concentrate on driving.

Sid has suddenly got stressed about something of which no one has any idea. The others resume the game.

Five minutes later, Sid rotates the staring wheel sharply to avert a truck approaching from front.

Avi – Is everyone ok?

Sunaina and Neha in chorus – We are ok.

Avi to the girls – Get me the first aid. Sid’s forehead is bleeding.

Sid – It’s a small cut.

Sunaina – Really! What happened? What made you so upset that you are not able to drive properly?

Sid remains mute while Neha rushes to his side and places bandage over his cut.

Avi – You are not going to answer us anything. This is not the first time. Previously also, it has happened many a time that he gets so upset for no reason that he will not talk to anyone for the following one or two days, be rude at all times and not answer any questions. The most I have heard from him is “Some bitter memories came back to haunt him”.

Sunaina and Neha both are shocked to hear Avi but curious at the same time to know the reason behind Sid’s strange behaviour.

Sid – Can we close this topic and drive home?

Avi – I will drive now.

Sid – Ok.

The entire journey continues with everyone except Sid thinking about ‘What irked Sid, what hurt him’. Sid is lost in his own world with pain and sadness evident on his face.

In another two hours, they reach Sid’s home. Neha, excited to see Sid’s home, steps out of the car to the lush green countryside awaiting her but feels déjà vu as the valley of her dreams from previous months rush back to her. Sid’s Mom welcomes her and the rest; Neha is a bit taken aback to see the familiar face from her dream. Sid and his Mom take all of them inside his home, introducing them to his father and brother, acquainting them with the house interiors. While everyone is chatting and getting familiarised with each other, Sid’s eye falls on Neha who is staring on the family portraits in the living room and then immediately he rushes to her side to support her as she falls unconscious.

True love story
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