My First Job Experience

First job, first road of work life,

Full of ups and downs, filled with enriching experiences,

Time flies but sometimes it felt like time was running fast and sometimes slow.


First organisation gives you a career,

It makes you from nothing to something,

It grooms you as a professional and helps you master skill sets that are the stepping-stones to the next milestone in one’s career.


Worked with many managers,

Some played dirty politics,

Some gave my career direction,

But all in all, their contributions irrespective of their intentions made me what I am today.


My first job experience
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Crossed paths with many colleagues on this journey,

Some felt my attitude had a problem,

Some felt I was team entertainer,

Some hated me, some loved me,

Some did backbiting,

Some supported me in crisis,

However, truth will be such experiences more if they are negative lay the building blocks of your work life.


At the beginning of this path, there were no friends except loneliness,

At the end, lifelong friends were my favourite gift,

Team lunches, party with friends, doing time pass in office with and without friends is a bag of lifetime memories.


After first job, one becomes more mature, better as a human being, braver to handle life challenges,

Love or hate you first job but it will never fade from your memories.




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Hey people, Welcome to the blog. I have a passion for writing. My writing is mostly inspired by my real-life experiences. I believe our thoughts are the most powerful entity in the universe as they only can bring change and change is must as it’s a way of life. In my free time, apart from writing, I pass my time by reading, finding new recipes for cooking, travelling, listening to music, and oh yes, shopping. This blog is dedicated to my scribbles on life as I experience it. Short stories, poems, travel diaries, lifestyle, social issues, book reviews, product reviews gifting ideas, DIYs is what you will find here. Thanks for visiting.

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