The Remembrance : Chapter 5 – The Awakening

The story up until now:

Chapter 1 – After Vacation Break

Chapter 2 – The New Couple

Chapter 3 – A Blast from the Past

Chapter 4 – Deja Vu

Chapter 5 – The Awakening

Everyone rushes to Neha’s side to check on her. Sunaina immediately informs everyone that given Neha’s medical condition of memory loss, Neha often suffers from headaches, head spins and unconsciousness sometimes. She usually becomes fine in an hour or so.


Neha is teasing her elder brother for his cheesy pics with his girlfriend. She is threatening him that she will post it on Facebook if he doesn’t buy her a camera. Neha’s parents sitting on the front seat of their Dzire car are enjoying the serene beauty around. They are going to visit Neha’s uncle which is a 2 hours’ drive away from home. Continue reading “The Remembrance : Chapter 5 – The Awakening”


Top 5 changes in Education system in India 2018

Feeling stressed, smoke a cigarette or take some drugs and one is relieved. This is the mantra of today’s generation. Our fast-paced lifestyle and our bid to compete in the rat race in both personal and professional lives have led a lot of stress and unhappiness to enter our lives. Not only discontent is the end result but every 3rd Indian is distressed with some or the other disease. 10 years back, we hardly heard of cancer in our fellow Indians but now every other day, some or the other person is diagnosed with it. If diseases were a part of only the life of illiterate, we could blame it on the government for not providing basic necessities to the poor. Alas! Its’ rich or poor, educated or uneducated, all are a victim here. Crime rate in our country is on an increasing index forever. So the question is ‘What is the root cause of these problems? What is the solution? Is the Education system in India failing to serve its main purpose i.e. making a person self-sufficient in order for him to take the right decisions in life?’ Continue reading “Top 5 changes in Education system in India 2018”

Chapter 3: A Blast from the Past

The Remembrance

The story up until now:

Chapter 1 – After Vacation Break

Chapter 2 – The New Couple

Chapter 3: A Blast from the Past

Sid is running across the garden from one corner to another and Neha is chasing after him.

Neha – “Give it to me otherwise I will not leave you.”

Sid stands still a while trying to catch his breath. His eyes are shining with glee and mischief. As Neha is about to catch up to him, he again runs away. Neha slips on the garden grass injuring her knee. Sid rushes towards her in concern and while he is observing Neha’s injury, she snatches the box from him, pushes him towards the other side and runs away.

Sid realising the knee injury was fake, screams at Neha and runs after her but by the time he reaches her, a middle–aged lady who seems to be Sid’s Mom had arrived at the scene.

Sid whispering to Neha – “Oh no! Mom has seen us fighting. Now she will scold us.”

Sid’s Mom reprimands them – “What’s going on? You two have grown up. Stop behaving like kids. Come both of you, let’s go inside and have some snacks.”

Sid’s Mom takes Neha’s hand and leads her inside Sid’s home. Continue reading “Chapter 3: A Blast from the Past”

The Unforgivable

Chapter 1 – The Incident

Sandhya – “Mom, I am leaving.”

Kashish – “Ok, sweetheart! Have you taken your tiffin?”

Sandhya – “Yes, have taken tiffin box. Bye!”

Sandhya hurriedly rushes off as she is getting late for school while Kashish, her mother is getting ready for office.

Kashish had a 9 to 7 job; she worked in JP Megan (Mumbai office) in Gregon suburb in Western Mumbai, at a distance of 25 km from her home in Mudhar suburb in Central Mumbai. Office car used to pick and drop her everyday but still daily commute took around 4 hours. Her husband, Kailash was an army officer and died in a car accident 5 years ago. Sandhya was just 9 years old then. Kashish’s mother Mrs  Sinha often used to opine that she should remarry but Kashish was not interested. She was still in love with Kailash and for her no man could take his place. She had accepted to live the rest of her life just by raising her kid and with support of his memories.

Sandhya’s school was a mere 2 km from her home. Sandhya was a smart and beautiful girl who had developed quite a bit early for her age. She was tall and had long straight hair, fair complexion and fuller lips in contrast to her mother who was short and had shoulder-length blond hair.

                                                                           **** Continue reading “The Unforgivable”

Chapter 2: The New Couple

The Remembrance

The story up until now:

Chapter 1 – After Vacation Break

Chapter 2: The New Couple

Sid and Avi often join Sunaina and Neha in their canteen breaks. Also, the friendship is beneficial as seniors have notes and tips to help the juniors. Sunaina & Neha are adjusting to their new surroundings Sunaina has started secretly liking Sid while Sid has no clue about it. Avi has a slight hint of this; you know he is the expert in girls. Neha also knows it very well as when Sunaina and Neha are alone, all Sunaina can do is chatting about Sid. Neha, on the other hand is the silent one, always lost in her thoughts, trying to remember her past, trying to understand if any connection exists between her and Sid.

Avi – You know I think Sunaina likes you.

Sid – What! You are joking, right! Continue reading “Chapter 2: The New Couple”


Happiness is the last destination of everyone’s journey but we have a false notion of happiness!

Happiness is not gained by achieving some set standards in life,

But every little incident that brings a smile on our faces is happiness.


Happiness unravels itself in the journey of a would-be mother,

It is in the laughs of a baby,

It is the love that binds two siblings,

It is the satisfaction in eating grandmother’s hand made food,

It is the child’s secret giggle while parents get scolded by grandparents in the child’s favor. Continue reading “BEING HAPPY IN LIFE”

Woman’s freedom in India 2017

“Freedom cannot be achieved unless the women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression.” – Nelson Mandela

Well, India as a nation achieved freedom in 1947 but 71 years down the lane, atrocities against women are still being committed and we still need to think how to tackle them. Women’s freedom in society is till date a far-fetched idea only real in the minds of great thinkers. Today I want to share with you the story of a middle-aged woman whom I met a few days ago; her story will compel us to think ‘Is it really 21st century! Are we still living in medieval times’! Continue reading “Woman’s freedom in India 2017”

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