Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum Scotland Review

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I visited Scotland last summer for a business trip and on my way back to India, I got myself sometime out to have a peak at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum which is a must see in Glasgow. The other day, I was looking at the pics snapped then and it just struck me to share them with everyone here.
The Kelvingrove art gallery features at the top in the list of free things to do in Glasgow as there is no entry fees. It has a huge collection of wonderful paintings. Each painting has a story to tell and to add to the glory, some history and interpretation of the painting is mentioned besides each one. The Kelvingrove museum too is no way behind the art gallery and its exhibits will leave you enthralled. Roaming around felt like I went back in time.  
What you get out of going through this post – Mesmerizing photos that take you to the old medieval world and refresh your mind plus some travel tips for those who plan to visit there.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum Glasgow Scotland
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum Glasgow Scotland

The building was constructed in the late 19th century from red sandstone and opened to the public in 1901, as the Palace of Arts. The building’s architectural look takes me back to the ancient era when there were castles and forts. The lush greenery outside the place enhances the place’s liveliness. The photo is proof enough, its’ one of the top things to do in Glasgow be it any season. 
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum Glasgow Scotland Parking area
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum Glasgow Scotland parking space

For those planning to check this place out and wondering if parking is available, this pic is for you guys.

The gallery is divided into various sections organized by way of paintings in one area, artifacts of various times in another like you have one Egyptian gallery, then one area dedicated to warfare of old times and so on.


Kelvingrove art gallery visit scotland
The lady with a difference

Did this painting take you by surprise? Me too! I spent quite some time studying this painting. Well I appreciate the painter’s genius in designing as it is for sure not going to miss the attention of any tourist visiting the gallery.
The Mummy at Glasgow Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museum
The Egyptian Gallery

I am always excited to see Mummies. So there is an Egyptian Gallery with all related artefacts. See how carefully the visitor is studying this one. Lol!
Grayson Perry -Turner Prize winner 2003
Grayson Perry, Turner Prize Winner 2003

Medieval art examples.jpg
The peeping woman

What is she thinking while peeping through the back door? Are those people she is secretly gazing at a threat to her? So many questions raised in my mind? But the unique part of this exhibit is the use of color red (red gown) which has helped the painting to pop even more.
Angels and fairies

Christ of Saint John of the Cross
Christ of Saint John of the Cross

This one is the famous and controversial painting of ‘Christ of Saint John of the Cross’ by Salvador Dali made in 1951. In 1961 a visitor had damaged the painting but was successfully restored over several months by conservators at Kelvingrove and returned to public display and that’s why it’s enclosed in a glass box.
Famous medieval paintings
The whispering ladies

What are these ladies admiring  and talking about? Can you see all these paintings have a story to tell?
Floor plans are posted at various locations throughout the building for guidance. Some interactive video presentations were also there.
The 19th century Victorian Architecture
19th century Victorian Architecture

The magnificent Victorian architecture with hanging lanterns, the silent walls and the overarching ceiling really mesmerized me.
Ancient warfare
The knights riding their horses

Ancient warfare weapons
To bravery and gallantry

If you are visiting with kids, they will really enjoy this section of the gallery. It depicts the old warfare times, the weapons and accessories used then, arrows, swords, the men and knights in their shining armour.
Medieval paintings
An Eagle or Monster

Well I m still wondering what’s this? Let me know what you think? A fascinating exhibit indeed!
Medieval paintings
The soldiers instructing the people in old medieval times

This is one of my favourite paintings as the painter has crafted each and every minute detail – the soldiers, the people of those times in their traditional attires, the impatient horse, the soldier enjoying wine not paying heed to the instructions their leader is throwing at them and so on.
Top things to do in Glasgow Scotland
Me at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery Museum Scotland

10 Travel Tips for your visit to Kelvingrove –

–      Entry is free. I guess that’s why its’ one of the top Glasgow tourist attractions as its’ worth your time

–      Lots of parking space

–      It takes 2 to 3 hours to take a look around the place

–      A small shop in the ground floor has a great collection of Scotland memoirs and other stuff like fancy bags, jewellery, etc. Also has traditional Scotland attire.

–      The management people at the gallery are really nice. Attendants are there to guide and help.

–      If you want to book a cab for your way back, they help you to book that as well

–      The gallery also has a cafeteria. Took a sandwich there which was great

–      Nearby, there is a church as well but I didn’t have time to check that one out. Had to rush to the airport

–       The place also provides a luggage room for a nominal fee. Had 2 suitcases and was charged one pound

–     A great place to visit with family; lots of area outside the gallery as well to sit and relax
So how did you find this post? Isn’t the Gallery amazing? What do you think of the paintings? Have you gone there and if yes, how was your experience? Please let me know in the comments below.


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