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A cute love story | The Remembrance : Chapter 5 – The Awakening

The story up until now:

Chapter 1 – After Vacation Break

Chapter 2 – The New Couple

Chapter 3 – A Blast from the Past

Chapter 4 – Deja Vu

Chapter 5 – The Awakening

Everyone rushes to Neha’s side to check on her. Sunaina immediately informs everyone that given Neha’s medical condition of memory loss, Neha often suffers from headaches, head spins and unconsciousness sometimes. She usually becomes fine in an hour or so.
Neha is teasing her elder brother for his cheesy pics with his girlfriend. She is threatening him that she will post it on Facebook if he doesn’t buy her a camera. Neha’s parents sitting on the front seat of their Dzire car are enjoying the serene beauty around. They are going to visit Neha’s uncle which is a 2 hours’ drive away from home.

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The Remembrance : Chapter 5 – The Awakening

It is a beautiful day with its glory reflecting in the rattling of car wheels, the light breeze blowing on the face, the butterflies running with the wind, the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds, the happiness shining on the parents’ faces, the naughtiness twinkling in the eyes of the sister and the blush shining on the cheeks of the brother. But everything goes into silence and darkness as a speeding truck comes raging towards the car and hits it; the car rolls over for few seconds, throws off the girl towards the valley beside the road and burns into flames. Neha lets out a shriek ‘Mama’ and her eyes open. She realises she is in the guest room of Sid’s house. Her eyes fall on the paintings adorning the opposite wall, the antiques and the wall clock adjacent to her bed. Reality dooms on her when she understands the accident in her dream was true and occurred two years ago.
Neha feels an ache in her heart and an urge to run to some faraway place where she is alone. She picks up her handbag and tiptoes out from the guest room towards the back door of the house. Everyone was chatting in the living room on the ground floor. The guest room was on the first floor and the backdoor was in the balcony adjacent to this guest room. While she enters the balcony, her childhood memories rush to her and as she moves the knob of the backdoor, she remembers playing hide and seek in the same place. She quickly climbs down the stairs and runs towards the gate, practically running away from Sid’s house. As she takes a U-turn over the cross-road, she slows down. As she walks down the lanes, she reaches the vegetable market.
‘How much for the apples’
‘Madam 1 kg for 200 Rs’
‘Bhaiya, give for 150 Rs’
A lady pushes Neha towards the side and scolds her for walking in the middle of road. Neha apologizes and thanks the lady for saving her from a mishap.
Neha realises she was daydreaming about past memories of her mother bargaining with the vegetable seller. In her thoughts, she had wandered from the footpath to the middle of the road where she could have been hit but the lady had timely saved her. Every place from the coffee shop to the park reminded her of some or the other memory.
Finally she reaches her destination, a dilapidated house with the paint wearing off. As she swings open the main gate, a stray dog starts barking at her but nevertheless she continues on exploring the house. Water is leaking from one of the pipes on the back wall which has created a mess in the front area. Dust and dirt is on every hook and corner of the place. Ganesha idol stands on the front door and a big lock hangs on its latch. Neha sits down on the threshold of the door and the emotions bundled up within her finally give away. She breaks down sobbing heavily. 
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The Remembrance : A true love story


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