Top 5 changes in Education system in India 2018

Feeling stressed, smoke a cigarette or take some drugs and one is relieved. This is the mantra of today’s generation. Our fast-paced lifestyle and our bid to compete in the rat race in both personal and professional lives have led a lot of stress and unhappiness to enter our lives. Not only discontent is the end result but every 3rd Indian is distressed with some or the other disease. 10 years back, we hardly heard of cancer in our fellow Indians but now every other day, some or the other person is diagnosed with it. If diseases were a part of only the life of illiterate, we could blame it on the government for not providing basic necessities to the poor. Alas! Its’ rich or poor, educated or uneducated, all are a victim here. Crime rate in our country is on an increasing index forever. So the question is ‘What is the root cause of these problems? What is the solution? Is the Education system in India failing to serve its main purpose i.e. making a person self-sufficient in order for him to take the right decisions in life?’
Lets’ understand ‘What is the true meaning of Education?’ before we think about the solutions. Education is imparted to individuals to make them a better human being but the notion of being educated has become baseless as its definition prevalent in today’s society is solely to acquire a degree from a prestigious institution, have a white-collar job and earn in double digit figures in lakhs. An individual is judged by his salary or his college and not by his character. Agreed great institutions play a key role in carving out great leaders or entrepreneurs but not necessarily they are learned. A learned person is calm, wise, kind, has immense worldly knowledge, helps fellow beings and respects everyone and so on.  The imperfections of such a person are always outweighed by his perfections.
changes in present education system in India 2018
It’s important for us to understand why our present education system in spite of being so exhaustive fails to achieve the very purpose for which it was manifested. What do we learn in our schools – Maths, Science, History, Geography, etc? Which battle was fought when, which crop is grown where, which experiment was done when, etc. I seriously can’t appreciate the fact what did one gain by learning these facts when there are far more important knowledge to be gained.
Our schools syllabus needs an overhaul since a long time in order to accommodate the needs of modern society. Five absolute essentials like the below should be incorporated –
1.       Acupressure therapy – Uses precise finger placement and pressure over specific points along the body hence promoting relaxation, healing and the restoration of proper function. Palms, elbows, feet, or special devices can also be used to apply pressure. The below image shows our palm having different acupressure points for different organs. Similarly there are various other acupressure points on the human body that can help us with many ailments. This technique has shown great results for stress and insomnia related problems. Benefits of acupressure are immense and will improve our overall health.

benefits of acupressure
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2.     Sex education – Another need of the hour with rising crimes against women and children. India stands in one of the top 5 countries for rape crime. A child is innocent when young; given the right education by parents, society and school; he/she will not turn into a monster as the environment shapes one’s thoughts and personality. Incorporating sex education in schools will go a long way in reducing women related crimes.
3.       Motivational speeches  about life by great leaders of today and yesterday who rose from the ashes to touch the blue-lit sky. Inspiring stories can motivate the youth to reach great heights in their personal and professional lives and can leave an unforgettable imprint on the minds of young children. Remember the bed time stories narrated by our grandparents always had a great impact on our mind as compared to adults children have a better learning capacity.
4.       Social activities – Being involved in social activities right from a young age helps instil in us the right values, appreciate what we have, be more kind and generous towards the needy and do our bit for the society.
5.       Medical awareness sessions – Do you know the following?
·         What to do on a snake bite?
·         How to give first aid to a person suffering from a stroke or a one having a fracture?
No, most of us don’t know this. In fact, we all think this is bull shit; we don’t need it until the time we or our loved one is not in need of it. That’s the time we say, why could the passers-by not help or do this or that. Emergencies never give warnings, they just come. The above were just few examples, there are many more. Many people in India die today due to lack of health awareness and not being administered proper first aid. Many a lives could have been saved if all civilians had some basic medical knowledge.
We hardly remember today what we were taught in school; instead it just unduly burdened our minds in a young age. Not that everything is unnecessary, we must know the culture and history of our nation but a balance must be maintained. Younger generations must respect and preserve their culture but at the same time every system must undergo a change befitting the needs of the society. As I always believe change is inevitable and is a must for every being and every ritual, practice, system or organisation.
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  • Samgnya

    Completely agree. In fact the government is actually trying to make yoga a compulsory subject but there is a push back from political and some social groups saying that yoga is he is Hindu. What I don’t understand is if you guys Hindu then isn’t PT Christian.
    Also another big Pitfall in the present education system is the dumping of facts in and as early stages 3 years. We’re generating memory chips out of the kids. Not humans with common sense.. I wonder what’s the way to bring about this cultural change

  • firewordsblog

    Very interesting blog here on the educational changes you feel might improve India’s educational system. I like that you offered your ideas about the most important qualities needed to call a person “learned” and I agree that kindness, respect, breadth of knowledge and being calm (reasonable, rational and tolerant) are essential. I think these qualities apply to learned people in probably every culture, but I have not lived or taught in India, so I will admit that there are likely to be some specific problems that are local to your home country and your blog addresses some of these. I sometimes have to remind myself and others that learning and teaching is ubiquitous; that is, everyone has had to learn as a hhuman being and everyone teaches others every day (though what and how they teach is another matter). The people who engage in teaching as a profession sometimes need to be reminded of this, as well as those of us who are still learning. And actually good teachers should also be lifelong learners and good students should be open to sharing their knowledge. They need to know how to lead others to learn on some occasions and demonstrate their learning cooperatively and collaboratively in others. It goes both ways! Managing a well researched blog is one excellent way of doing and a very modern way too. Old fashioned reading, apprenticing, volunteering, talking and, most of all LISTENING with a wise and descriminating ear are also essential to being well educated, either formally or not; whether you are paying for it, being paid, or having the service provided in a publicly funded system or in tandem with a community or church group. Thanks Disa, for viewing and following my blog recently. I look forward to sharing ideas with you from time to time.

    • Disa Rastogi

      Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated. Totally agree with your thoughts here. Learning and Teaching go hand in hand and must never stop. Looking forward to more interactions.

  • John Aiwone

    Love the suggested changes. I’m from the UK and the issues they and India have with the education system are quite similar.
    The systems centre way too much on academic purposes rather than teaching us about the real world and life skills that are relevant to adulthood and ensures our long-term happiness and security. Although there is a balance needed where young children and teenagers can still enjoy their childhood
    Johnny | The Travel Connoisseur

  • Bhawna Kaushik

    Hey Disa.
    Agreed completely.
    Especially the sex education part. I mean there are still thousands of cases of molestation, rape and eve teasing. Being a human being it is really important to educate others and be safe.
    Sex education in our school system is still considered a taboo. I mean films get A certificates for the silly reason. In the rural areas, things aren’t great either.
    Loved your take on this.

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