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A cute love story | The Remembrance : Chapter 3 – A Blast from the Past

The Remembrance

The story up until now:

Chapter 1 – After Vacation Break

Chapter 2 – The New Couple

Chapter 3: A Blast from the Past

Sid is running across the garden from one corner to another and Neha is chasing after him.
Neha – “Give it to me otherwise I will not leave you.”
Sid stands still a while trying to catch his breath. His eyes are shining with glee and mischief. As Neha is about to catch up to him, he again runs away. Neha slips on the garden grass injuring her knee. Sid rushes towards her in concern and while he is observing Neha’s injury, she snatches the box from him, pushes him towards the other side and runs away.
Sid realising the knee injury was fake, screams at Neha and runs after her but by the time he reaches her, a middle–aged lady who seems to be Sid’s Mom had arrived at the scene.
Sid whispering to Neha – “Oh no! Mom has seen us fighting. Now she will scold us.”
Sid’s Mom reprimands them – “What’s going on? You two have grown up. Stop behaving like kids. Come both of you, let’s go inside and have some snacks.”
Sid’s Mom takes Neha’s hand and leads her inside Sid’s home.

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The Remembrance : Chapter 3 – A Blast from the Past

Sid’s home was a simple and beautiful one. With a big and lovely garden outside the house, the inside was no less. The hall was adorned with magnificent paintings, antiques and a huge sofa set. There were two rooms on the ground floor and two on the upper one.
Sid’s Mom serving pakoras and samosas on the table calls out to Sid and Neha – “Come you both and eat. You must be hungry! I made pakoras especially for you Neha. I know you love them.”
Neha – “Thank you aunty”
Neha is in the kitchen while Sid eyes the box lying on the table. He picks it up and is on the verge of opening it when Neha stops him.
Sid gets irritated and demands – “What is this? What will happen if I see the contents of this box? We never keep secrets from each other.”
Neha – “Sid, this is personal. Please”
Sid – “Are you kidding me? You never ask my permission before touching my stuff. What you have to say to that?
Neha – “You are just being so fussy and making a big scene out of such a small thing.”
Sid – “You are such a hypocrite. I am not talking to you anymore.” Saying this, he stamps down his foot and leaves the hall in anger and disgust.
Neha – “Oh God! He has got angry. Now I will have to appease him.”
The alarm clock rings and Neha wakes up suddenly. She is in a different mode right now not understanding what had just happened.
Sunaina – “Neha please shut off the alarm. It’s disturbing my sleep.”
Neha puts off the alarm bell. She tries to recollect her dream. Neha wanders to her thoughts – “I saw Sid in my dream and there was a big house, a beautiful garden and Sid’s Mom. There was something about me and Sid fighting over a box. Oh! Why the images are so faint. Why can’t I just remember everything properly? In the dream, it was so vivid and clear. Oh God! Why did I see this dream or is it a clue to my link to Sid. Ahh! My head is paining badly. Oh no! How will I go to college today; no, I have to go or else I will miss the chemistry practical. I should take my medicine and get some rest before the day starts so that this pain will be tolerable by that time. She pulls her drawer by bedside, pops in the pill and dozes off.”
Sid and Avi meet Sunaina and Neha in the corridor across the administrative block.
Sid – “Hey you guys! My Mom has invited you people to my home during this weekend. Its’ a long one – we have four days at hand; we can have a lot of fun. I can show you around my city. Avi is also cool with it. What say?”
Sunaina – “I am in.”
Neha – “I don’t know.”
Sunaina – “What will you do here alone? It will be a good change.”
Sid – “Don’t worry. It will be great.”
Neha, thinking that she will get to see Sid’s home; moreover she can verify if anything that she remembers from her dream is actually true or not, finally says yes.
Sid – “Wonderful! I will tell Mom you all are coming home this weekend.”                                                 
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