Happiness is the last destination of everyone’s journey but we have a false notion of happiness!
Happiness is not gained by achieving some set standards in life,
But every little incident that brings a smile on our faces is happiness.
Happiness unravels itself in the journey of a would-be mother,
It is in the laughs of a baby,
It is the love that binds two siblings,
It is the satisfaction in eating grandmother’s hand made food,
It is the child’s secret giggle while parents get scolded by grandparents in the child’s favor.
Happiness is in the purity of thoughts,
It is the smile that fighters put on in the face of a storm,
It is in the sweat of the winners, but also in the sporting spirit of losers,
It is the smile that appears on our face on being appreciated for our work,
It is in satisfaction of achieving something perceived as impossible by others.
Happiness is in the excitement of returning to your own country after a long time away,
It is the joy of catching up with old friends,
It is in the fun of pulling our friends leg,
It is the relief felt for a loved one recovering from a prolonged illness,
It is in the love of cooking for your family,
It is the joint family get-together where chatting goes on all day, variety of food to entertain the taste-buds and full-time fun.
Happiness is relaxing in the nature’s lap, enjoying the beautiful landscape and lush greenery,
It is the satisfaction of helping needy people,
It is in the peace of mind essential for every human’s well- being,
Happiness is unparalleled but it manifests itself in those little events of our life to which we pay little attention!

short poems on happiness
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