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Scotland Trip in December 2016

Scotland is one of the most beautiful and coldest countries in the world. I had a chance recently to go to this country. I was travelling to Scotland for the first time and also my first international one. Here is a poem that will take you through my trip and some incredible images that will make you wish to visit the natural beauty. Also, below are some travel tips for anyone planning to visit the country.

The ode

Beautiful view of Christmas trees in Scotland
Landscape’s spectacular view


the chilling cold of the winter land,

the fury cold winds cutting through your skin,

the haunting forts that transport you to the World War era,

the mesmerizing towers still swirling in my head,

Mysterious homes, Scotland
Mysterious homes

the peaceful blue lit sky shining brightly with stars and moon as its flagship bearers,

the trees decorated with lights screaming ‘Christmas is coming’,

the silent houses waiting to be visited,

the scary tower watch where time was still at 12’ o clock,

Breathtaking view of Edinburgh with the clouds, sun and the lush green landscape
Magnificient nature’s beauty

the green landscape that refreshes your mind,

the blue waters staring at me,

the mysterious forests waiting to be explored,

the silent trees anxiously waiting for summer,

the dew laden grass that dirtied my shoes,

Incredible view of Luxury hotel Fairmont, St Andrews
Fairmont, St.Andrews

the locals shopping frantically on a Black Friday,

the Halloween dressed teenagers celebrating their tradition in pubs,
the Scottish men dancing in the Highland dress,
the rich delicacies of Scotland,
the courtesy of the Scottish people that impressed me,

Nature's beauty at its best displayed by St.Andrews seacoast pics
Seacoast, St.Andrews
the lousy mornings and the lazy blankets,

the mist laden roads cautioning you to drive slow,

the beautiful memoirs that I brought from Scotland,

the tranquillity of the place that took my breath away,

my first overseas trip that will remain itched in my mind for life.

Scotland Travel Tips 

Golf-course, St.Andrews
Golf course, St. Andrews

I think the best time to travel to Scotland is December. I know the weather is a bit harsh then but it’s a time of festivities so you get to see the entire city decorated with lights, the Christmas fervour is there. Lot of sale is going on this time so you can do shopping at very cheap rates. I bought perfumes at 1/4th the normal rates and woollen coats at 50-70% off. And then not to forget are mouth-watering Christmas delicacies. Scotland is also famous for its golf courses so if you love playing golf, that is the place to be.

St.Andrews seacoast pics closer
Incredible closer Seacoast view of St. Andrews
Rains are unpredictable in Scotland so thermals, waterproof boots and waterproof jacket are a must. Layering helps to beat the cold. Depending on your travel itinerary, you can buy some of the stuff in Scotland as well which will be easier in case you are travelling from a hotter place like Mumbai or Southern India. Anyone travelling from northern India, waterproof woollen jackets are available there in local shops which are sufficient to beat the Scottish cold weather. I had bought mine from a local shop in Lucknow, India.

I completely enjoyed my trip to Scotland. Hope you did the same reading my post!


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