Life is beautiful,

Life is a play being enacted,

So live life fully and let others live.

Life is an orphan child,

If you didn’t have the Almighty’s blessings,

So pray with sincerity.

Life has two pillars to support,

And a ground to stand on,

Pillars are friends and teachers and floor is our family.

Life is a flower with hidden thorns,

So be careful,

And meticulous.

Life is full of challenges,

So take them head on,

And you will come out with flying colors.

Life is incomplete without failures,

As failures always teach you a lesson,

So never be afraid of them.

Life is full of ups and downs,

But be patient,

And tell yourself this too shall pass.

Life is about listening to parents,

Life is about listening to teachers,

Life is about listening to people.

Life is about learning new things,

Life is about having new experiences,

So learn a new thing every day.

Life is incomplete,

If you didn’t taste the sweet fruits of hard work,

So be hard-working.

Life is about dreaming high,

Because if you don’t dream,

How will the dreams come true!

Life’s best friends are books,

That’s why books have so much to tell you about life,

So read as many books as you can.

Life is a road with many twists and turns,

Life is unpredictable,

So learn to make decisions in a few seconds.

Life is short,

So be happy,

And let your mind rest in peace.


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